Special Cargo


Selecting the correct Container for export cargo is critical for ensuring safe carriage of your cargo. We have a specialised team to handle all kinds of Out of gauge / Un-containerised cargo. Please liaise with our Local / Agent's office who will provide you the correct guidance and solutions for safe carriage of your cargo.

Non-standard over dimensional and out of gauge containers/flat racks are defined as OOG or Special Cargo; units which require special handling devices in addition to the standard ISO Quay Crane spreader and requires manual intervention at point of stow. This covers the use of specialised equipment as well as the additional time, expertise and cargo care and risk involved. Specialised equipment includes, but is not limited to, use of attachments such as legs (chains) and elephant feet into the corner castings on the unit to be handled. Units of this type should be stowed on deck

The execution is controlled by specifically designed in-house processes according to uniform guidelines to ensure safe transportation of your commodity.